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Legend as it that the Liège waffle was invented in the 18th century at the request of the Prince of Liège



Choosing the right waffle iron to bake your Le Waf Liege waffles is crucial.


The choice is yours: You can bake your waffles on your current waffle iron or you can upgrade to a professional machine designed to bake Liege waffles.


If you want to serve your Guests the same great tasting waffles you tried from us, we recommend you bake them of the same great waffle irons we use.


To obtain the best results in term of taste, size, consistency, ease of use, efficiency and reliability, there is only one choice: HVD Waffle Irons.


Like you would use a skillet rather than an aluminum pan to sear a steak, HVD Waffle Irons provide the necessary amount of heat to quickly melt the pearl sugar in the dough and bake the waffle fast enough so your end product will end up perfectly caramelized outside and still moist inside.


In addition, the thick cast iron will hold heat far better than a regular waffle iron which results in faster recovery time when baking large amount of dough and great baking consistency waffles after waffles.


The smooth machined surface inside the iron also allows for the yeast to fully expand during the baking process resulting in waffles 20% bigger for the same size dough balls. It also greatly facilitates the cleaning process.


Last but not least, the HVD Waffle Irons are professional grade pieces of equipment that are reliable, sturdy (a large waffle iron weight approx. 90 lbs.) and very durable. They are the only NSF listed Liege waffle irons available in the US.


They come in 2 sizes (small: 2 waffles or large: 4 waffles) and are available in either 110 Volt or 220 Volt. The manufacturer offer a 10 year limited warranty for the plates and 1 year limited warranty for the electrical parts.


We import from Belgium HVD waffle irons for your convenience. We take care of freight from Europe, custom clearance, import duties and other taxes as well as brokerage fees and deliver the waffle iron to your door.


Easy, simple and worry free. 


Still skeptical? Take the test: bake our dough on your current waffle iron and compare. Not quite the same amazing experience you had with us? Don’t look any further: If you are not satisfied with the caramelizing or if your iron cannot keep up after several batches (waffles take longer to bake and are still doughy inside), it is not coming from our dough but from your current waffle iron.


Because a lesser waffle iron will always produce a lesser waffle.

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