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Euro Snack has donated over $70,000

to local foundations over 

the past 5 years



Euro Snack was created in 1997 in Monterey, California, where we started to sell Belgian Waffles out of a push cart at the local Farmer’s Market. The success was immediate.


Since then Euro Snack has experienced a steady growth and has developed into a successful business with multiple locations while respecting its core values of passion, integrity, superior quality, exemplary service, and dedication to our mission.


Our unique approach to business, including unique strategies, unique concepts, and unique product line, gave us the opportunity to participate in some of the largest and most prestigious special events in the world: Euro Snack was selected as an independent food contractor for the 2000 US Open in Pebble Beach and the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. 2010 was a remarkable year with the participation at both the XXI Winter Olympics in Whistler and the 110th US Open in Pebble Beach.


While still focusing on special events, Euro Snack started its retail division and is now experiencing a rapid and steady growth in the ski resort industry.


The 2004/05 ski season saw the opening of our first Lake Tahoe location at Squaw Valley. The immediate success and high repeat business was a strong testimony to the popularity of our concept. Since then, Euro Snack has open a total of 14 locations, 3 in Squaw Valley, 8 in Northstar at Tahoe, 1 in Homewood and 2 in Sugar Bowl, with several others currently in the planning stage.


More recently, we have developed a line of wholesale products for the food service industry, including frozen Liege waffle dough, Liege waffle dry mix, and cellophane wrapped Liege waffles in different size and flavors, such as cinnamon, chocolate chips, choco-mint and peanut butter.


Lastly, we are looking at expanding the offering of our waffle products into several retail avenues such as coffee shops, supermarkets, grocery and specialty stores, etc. so keep an eye out for Euro Snack and its unique line of artisan products.


None of this remarkable story would have been possible without the support of hundreds of thousands of patrons and numerous business partners who believed in us when nobody did. And as our dream take us much further that we could have ever imagined, we want to say thank you to each one of you.


As we look towards the future we are confident it will keep rewarding us for the continuous passion and energy we are investing in Euro Snack.







Michel Chalon

Founder & CEO

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