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Euro Snack has donated over $70,000

to local foundations over 

the past 5 years



The Mission of Euro Snack is to source, produce, and market in strategic locations a line of authentic and high quality European food products and to enhance this concept by focusing on the following aspects:



Euro Snack is committed to provide each and every Customer with top quality products and superior service at the best possible price. Recognizing that great food comes with great standards, Euro Snack is dedicated to offer its Patrons a comfortable and aesthetic pleasing environment while complying with the highest safety and sanitation standards.


Business Partners:

For the benefit of all the parties involved in its activities, Euro Snack is dedicated to constantly develop and strengthen its relationships with its Employees, Agents, Suppliers and Contractors. In addition, being aware of the increasing responsibilities of a modern company, Euro Snack is willing to play a significant and active role in the local community.



Considering the constant development of its activities as a major factor of long term success and aware of the valuable effort made by its owners, Euro Snack is willing to protect and enhance the investment of its partners and provide them with the best possible returns.





Created in 1997, Euro Snack has build its strengths, its originality and its success on being different.


Different background, different approach to business, different strategies, different focus, different concepts, different product line,  as we believe that these differences will pave the way to a more satisfying shopping experience for our Customers and a better relationship with our employees and business partners.


Since its inception our company has based is philosophy on core values such as honor, integrity, superior quality, exemplary service, and dedication to our mission. We proudly offer :


  • A unique product line made with the absolute highest quality ingredients.

  • A superior Customer service, continually striving for excellence.

  • A simple concept resulting in tremendous repeat business, Customer loyalty, and brand recognition.

  • The vision and passion of a dedicated entrepreneur committed to perfection.


It is our goal to further develop and strengthen these fundaments and to ensure the strong and steady growth of our business by focusing on the four areas as follow:


  • Increasing the number of permanent retail locations

  • Strengthening our presence in high profile events

  • Implementing our licensing & strategic partnership program

  • Expanding our wholesale business


We are confident that the future will continue to reward us for the continuous passion and energy we are investing in Euro Snack.

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