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Legend as it that the Liège waffle was invented in the 18th century at the request of the Prince of Liège



Le Waf is offered to you in 2 forms, either as frozen dough or as a dry mix.


Same great taste, 2 different and convenient ways to serve your business.


The basic differences between these two types of dough is that with the frozen one all the work is done for you: you just have to defrost and let the dough proof before baking the waffle. With the powder mix, all the ingredients are included in the box but you do have to mix, divide, and roll the product yourself. The mix offer less expensive shipping and storage costs but require some preparation work, while the frozen dough is ready to use but required walk-in freezer space and is more costly to ship.




The dough comes to you frozen and pre-portioned: Just let the dough balls defrost and proof 4 to 6 hours (depending on the ambient temperature, altitude and humidity level) and the waffles are ready to bake with no further labor.


This convenient option eliminates any kind of food preparation and guarantees you simplicity, consistency and efficiency in your business.


This is a perfect option for businesses moving larger volume of product and operators aiming for ease of operation and fast production.


•FDO 100-4: Dough balls are 4.0 oz. each (120 gr.) and come 100 to a box.

                      Boxes are 16x14x7 and come 60 to a pallet.


•FDO 144-2: Dough balls are 2.5 oz. each (70 gr.) and come 144 to a box.

                      Boxes are 16x14x4 and come 80 to a pallet.


Storage temperature must be 0F/-20C. Shelf life is 4 months





The dough is conditioned in a dry form and duplicates the same amazing taste than our frozen product. You just need to add water to the powder and follow our simple 3 steps mixing process.


Dry mix is less expensive than frozen waffle dough, less heavy to ship, and can be delivered via regular carrier (e.g., UPS/FedEx ground service) providing substantial saving on the transportation cost. It also gives you the flexibility to produce dough on your own schedule and in the quantity you choose. Furthermore, it allows you to produce dough balls sized to your requirements and give you the opportunity to add unique, original ingredients to our mix: chocolate chips, cinnamon, rum-raisin, etc.


While some preparation is needed and mixing equipment required on your end, this is the preferred option for business retailing less volume or cost conscious operator looking to minimize food costs.


To optimize production and minimize end-user mistakes, we custom pack the dry mix to the size of your mixer. Current sizes available are:


•DMO 020-4: to produce approx. 20 x 4.0 oz. waffles in a 5 quart mixer

•DMO 100-4: to produce approx. 100 x 4.0 oz. waffles in a 30 quart mixer

•DMO 200-4: to produce approx. 200 x 4.0 oz. waffles in a 60 quart mixer


The dry mix can be stored at room temperature and has a shelf life of 1 year.


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